Myr Spin Tissue Processor STP 120

Last updated: 02nd February, 2022

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

With more than 2,500 units installed around the world STP 120 confirms its leading position.

STP 120 uses a patented technique that combines rotational agitation, shaking and centrifuging in order to achieve excellent infiltration results. This is possible thanks to the world’s best spin processing method.

3 versions have been developed: STP-120-1, STP-120-2 and STP-120-3. Both STP-120-2 and STP-120-3 incorporate a fume extraction system with charcoal filter that cleanses the vapours before being discharged into the air.

The systems have battery back-up in case of power failure to avoid potential dry up of tissues. In case of power failure basket will be immersed in vessel.

Key features:

  • Rotational agitation: The basket turns horizontally at 60 rpm and changes the rotational direction every 60 seconds. The rotational agitation achieves a perfect infiltration of tissue, a homogeneous mixture of the reagents and a reduction of processing time.
  • Shaking: This feature can be optionally activated and allows the basket to perform an up-down movement inside the vessel that combined with the rotational agitation creates a helicoidal movement that increases infiltration quality.
  • Centrifuging: The rotation of cassette basket at 120 rpm for a period of 60-180 seconds (inside the reagent vessel but over the reagent level) changes direction every 15 seconds to minimize carry-over of reagents and allowing tissue to be optimally drained.

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