SMCxPro Grant Accelerator Package

Last updated: 20th August, 2021

If you are looking to detect low-abundant proteins at the femtogram/mL level with the sensitivity and speed? The SMCxPRO™ immunoassay system is ideal to move your research to new levels.

This powerful, compact and affordable instrument provides Single Molecule biomarker quantification with access to MILLIPLEX kits robust 600+ antibody pairs.

When the success of your research requires finding and quantifying low-level proteins, you need equipment you can rely on to detect your target allow for:

  • High sensitivity (femtogram/mL level) with Rapid analysis
  • Small benchtop spaces with a Compact design: 14” W X 16” H X 17.5” D
  • Kits optimized for use in Plasma, Serum, Lysate, Urine, Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF)

The purpose of this Grant Accelerator Package is to provide grant writers access to necessary technology and application information that can be easily incorporated into grant applications. Everything included in this document – from text to data – can be used in any funding application.

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