IndiMag 48s makes molecular diagnostics super easy

Last updated: 07th June, 2023

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

Compact, stand-alone instrument for automated magnetic bead-based extraction of nucleic acids from a broad variety of sample types.

Fast, flexible and compact

  • Throughput: 1 to 48 extractions per run in just 30 minutes
  • Small footprint – fits in any lab. Really! Check out the dimensions: 36.4 cm (W) x 42.0 cm (D) x 38.6 cm (H)
  • Plate loader with integrated heating units

Plug & play


  • UV light decontamination for additional safety

Going green

  • Modular plastics can be adjusted according to number of samples to minimize waste

Top performance guaranteed

Get the best performance with Indical extraction kits, reagents, protocols, and plastics. For even faster turnaround, choose ready-to-use IndiMag prefilled cartridges.

Easy nucleic acids extraction from different types of samples

  • Tracheal Swabs
  • Tissue samples
  • Environmental boot swabs
  • Nasal swabs
  • Bronchoalveolar lavage fluid
  • Serum, blood
  • Ear tags

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