Milestone PrestoCHILL – User’s Perspective

Last updated: 01st March, 2023

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

Recently Milestone’s PrestoCHILL was showcased at RCPA Anatomical Pathology and Laboratory Skills Workshop in Ballarat.

Dr Simon Nazaretian (Anatomical Pathologist, Scientific Convenor of APLS and Senior Lecturer) shares his feedback using the Milestone PrestoCHILL:

Safety is the most important issue, with the PrestoCHILL we do not rely on liquid nitrogen or potential aerosolisation of tissues. It also assists in preparing tissues with a complete full face for better sectioning which is already difficult for new users and students and there is less ‘freezing’ artefact.  PrestoCHILL allows for more standardised preparation of frozen section tissue.

Milestone PrestoCHILL The Science of Cryoembedding

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