Introducing the 4th Generation Luminex Guava easyCyte

Last updated: 03rd February, 2022

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

Abacus dx is proud to announce the all-new Guava® easyCyte™ Flow Cytometers. The easyCyte Systems were the first benchtop cytometers introduced to the market, and have been improving cellular analysis for 20+ years. The easyCyte Systems feature powerful microcapillary technology, robust acquisition, and simplified analysis to help you get more from your cellular analysis research!

The 4th Generation Guava easyCyte has enhanced features including:

  • Gain-independent compensation, which allows for increased ease of use for assay setup
  • Ability to interface with robotic liquid handling systems
  • An updated workflow for routine assays further enabling ease of use and instrument utility
  • Model upgradeability delivering confidence in meeting future research needs

The first benchtop cytometer on the market—now better than ever!

Powered by intuitive software, Guava easyCyte Flow Cytometers are some of the most dynamic and flexible benchtop systems available. The easyCyte line provides greater sensitivity and optional high-throughput capabilities, enabling you to expand your research capabilities. The easyCyte line of flow cytometers offers:

  • Up to 3 lasers and 14 parameters on a benchtop instrument, allowing for a high degree of flexibility.
  • Product upgradability from one to up to three lasers, which enables future-proofing.
  • An innovative microcapillary fluidics design, eliminating sheath fluid and reducing waste stream.
  • The combination of microcapillary technology and a positive-displacement syringe pump, which allows for direct absolute counting with industry-leading precision.
  • An intuitive software interface, enabling simplified data analysis, including cell-health assays.
  • Detection of particles as small as 0.2 and up to 60 µm, facilitating the evaluation of a broad variety of samples.
  • High-throughput options, which allow for walkaway acquisition for up to 96 samples.

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