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Last updated: 07th May, 2024

Assay Development Reagents – xMAP Antibody Coupling Kit and the MagPlex (40-50016) – Monitoring Microspheres streamline the assay development process.

The xMAP Antibody Coupling Kit, or “AbC” kit, is a reagent kit that contains everything you need to couple an antibody to MagPlex Microspheres. Similar to an ELISA plate, MagPlex Microspheres can be used as the substrate on which immunoassays can be performed.

Unlike a traditional ELISA, however, this method requires much less antibody, sample, and time, with equal or better sensitivity and dynamic range. Since each microsphere is uniquely labeled, multiple immunoassays can be performed simultaneously using the same sample in the same well. Once your desired antibody is coupled to the surface of the bead, you can begin optimizing monoplex or multiplex capture-sandwich immunoassays to suit your needs. NOTE: This kit does NOT include microspheres or antibodies.

xMAP Antibody Coupling Kit at a Glance:

  • Hands-on time = ~40 mins
  • Total turnaround time = ~3 hours
  • Equipped with pre-optimized reagents and buffers (including
    EDC*), as well as all required consumables (including reaction
    tubes, pipettes)
  • Easy-to-use protocol

Kit Capacity

  • Small scale: up to 10 reactions of 5×10 beads/reaction or less
  • Large scale: up to 4 reactions of greater than 5×10 beads/reaction
  • Maximum scale: 12.5×10 beads/reaction

Bead Coupling Reactions

  • Maximum: 50×10 beads (4 reactions @ 12.5×10 beads/reaction)
  • Minimum: 2.5×10 beads (1 reaction @ 2.5×10 beads/reaction)
Product Part Number
xMAP Antibody Coupling Kit 40-50016

Accessories – For MagPlex assays, the magnetic plate and tube separators make bead washes fast and easy.

Magnetic Plate Separator

Magnetic Tube Separator

Magnetic Plate Separator Highlights

  • For use in nucleic acid and protein assay preparation
  • Designed to be used with the Manual Washing Procedure for MagPlex Microspheres
  • ~ 90% less expensive than a typical automated plate washer

The Luminex Magnetic Plate Separator is a modified plate magnet intended to separate a 96-well plate of MagPlex Microspheres during assay preparation steps. The side clasps on this magnet have been specially designed to hold a round-bottom plate securely to the magnet, enabling you to quickly invert and decant it over a waste container. Similar to the method used in an ELISA, this manual plate washing method has been shown to effectively remove nearly all of the supernatant from every well on the plate, with virtually no bead carry-over.

Magnetic Tube Separator Highlights

  • For use in bead coupling and single reaction nucleic acid and
    protein assay preparation
  • Ideal for small scale coupling reactions

The Luminex 1.5 mL Magnetic Tube Separator is intended for a single reaction tube. Typically used in bead coupling reactions, this magnet can quickly separate 1 mL MagPlex Microspheres from solution and is a handy addition to any xMAP benchtop.


Product Part Number
Magnetic Plate Separator CN-0269-01
Magnetic Separator, 1.5 mL Tube CN-0288-01

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