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Last updated: 03rd February, 2022

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Maintain draw time concentrations of cell-free RNA and extracellular vesicles with Streck RNA Complete BCT.

Extracellular vesicles, such as exosomes and microvesicles, are shed by all cells. Current stabilisation tubes, such as Streck’s Cell-Free DNA BCT®, effectively stabilise white blood cells and hence draw-time levels of cell-free DNA. They do not, however, maintain the integrity of all cells in the collected blood sample. In order to maintain draw-time EV concentrations, Streck designed a novel blood collection tube targeting erythrocytes and platelets in addition to white blood cells. In parallel with maintaining draw time levels of EVs, the vesicular contents of the EV population are also maintained. These contents, importantly, contain circulating RNA like mRNA

RNA Complete BCT is a direct draw blood collection tube that maintains the draw time concentration of cell-free RNA and extracellular vesicles, such as exosomes. The preservative stabilises cfRNA and exosome counts for up to seven days when stored at room temperature, maximising plasma yield and minimising haemolysis during storage. By limiting the degradation of white and red blood cells, the specialised chemistry provides sample integrity during storage, shipping, and handling of blood samples.

Streck RNA Complete BCT eliminates the need for immediate plasma preparation and  isolated cfRNA is suitable for downstream applications including ddPCR and next-generation sequencing.


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