A new generation of blood irradiation indicators

Last updated: 12th January, 2022

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

RAD-CONTROL irradiation indicators serve to verify the irradiation of blood products. They ensure that each individual blood bag was inside the irradiator and exposed to irradiation. All RAD-CONTROL irradiation indicators are available for use with Gamma and X-Ray irradiation.


Automated and simplified verification of the blood irradiation process

After irradiation the indicator appears as a barcode. Additionally, the word “IRRADIATED” appears in a second field. After setting up the system, blood bags can be distributed only if they have been identified and verification of irradiation has been confirmed.


  • Machine and human readable verification
  • Automation of the irradiation process
  • More efficient and streamline workflow

View demonstration of RAD-CONTROL BARCODE


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