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Last updated: 08th April, 2024


LGC SeraCare ACCURUN® – The highest-quality controls and reference materials for infectious disease and genomic testing

Empower your results and challenge your methods with SeraCare’s ACCURUN serology and molecular controls and reference materials.

SeraCare’s ACCURUN controls and reference materials are designed to be weakly reactive to help monitor your serology assays and provide additional confidence in your laboratory test results. Monitoring your assay performance can help you avoid costly repeats and, more importantly, avoid false-negative and false-positive results. With ACCURUN controls, you can troubleshoot your test methods and isolate system errors in your laboratory.

The ACCURUN molecular controls and reference materials are whole-cell or whole-organism external controls that help you monitor all aspects of your molecular testing methods and provide additional confidence in your laboratory test results. A well-designed QC program can help you avoid costly false-negative or false-positive results. ACCURUN molecular controls effectively detect low-positives closer to assay-specific cutoffs, enabling better detection of assay variability.


ACCURUN controls check all the boxes:

  • Clinically relevant ranges – Specifically designed to be weakly reactive, low-positive controls, ACCURUN truly challenges an assay’s performance at critical decision points.
  • Patient-like matrices – ACCURUN controls are formulated to mimic authentic patient samples, as encountered in a daily testing environment.
  • Full process – Whole virus/organism controls are designed to detect failures at every stage of the testing protocol — from sample prep to detection.
  • Lot to lot consistency – SeraCare produces large lot sizes under cGMP and ISO 13485 conditions. This ensures availability of bulk quantities of a single lot for long-term QC monitoring.
  • Extended shelf life – ACCURUN controls are stable for at least 18 months from date of manufacture.
  • Open vial stability – Once opened, ACCURUN serology controls are stable for at least 60 days.
  • Ease of use – Controls are offered in ready-to-use liquid format, enabling streamlined lab workflows.

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