Idylla EGFR Mutation Test (CE-IVD)

Last updated: 03rd February, 2022

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Biocartis is pleased to add a new Idylla EGFR (Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor) Mutation Test to their core oncology menu, that now covers most known and used oncology biomarkers.

Biocartis Idylla

          Biocartis Idylla

By integrating the latest selective amplification and multiplexing technologies, the Idylla EGFR Mutation Test allows simultaneous detection of more than 50 different mutations which commonly occur in lung cancer.

This advanced, fully automated molecular test requires minimal tumour sample or DNA input – minimum 1 x 5 μm FFPE tissue section with ≥ 10% tumour cells – without compromising on sensitivity – average sensitivity of ≤ 1 to ≤ 5% based on research data.

The turnaround time of the assay is approximately 2.5 hours, from sample to result, with less than two minutes hands-on time.

The Idylla technology has the potential to generate molecular testing results within one day, which greatly exceeds the current ESMO and international guidelines of seven days.

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